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Depending on how long you’ve been a reader of my blog, you might remember a post I did a few months ago about the pineapple we are growing in our backyard.  In that blog post (which was four months ago!) a small flower finally bloomed, after FOUR YEARS of sitting in the dirt.  And here we are today.

homegrown pineapple in ladera ranch ca

We have a pineapple! It’s a mini pineapple, but still, it’s a pineapple! It’s not fully ripe (at least we don’t think) and it’s SLOWLY growing bigger so we’ll be waiting a while longer before eating it.  My greenthumb wishes I could say I had more to do with it, but it just did it’s own thing, in it’s own time.  I will post again when it’s time to harvest! 

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How cool Cindy! I’m so jealous. I would LOVE to be able to grow pineapples in my backyard. I could plant it and it would never come up where I live. Enjoy!

ok, i have no excuse now. I have to do this in my veg planter or i can do it in one of my urns. But if it takes 4 years for me too, my urn will be empty and lonely. I really want to do this, especially bc your picture of it is so inspiring! I love the colors in this image.


Wow! I had no idea it took so long for a pineapple to grow! :-)

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