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This wee little one made his debut into the world five weeks before he was scheduled to arrive.  He couldn’t wait to be here and now he is healthy, happy, and home.  Spending the afternoon with this little sweetie was definitely the highlight of my week!  He’s gorgeous!  Don’t you agree?

adorable newborn photo

beautiful newborn baby photography

I love newborn baby feet and all their little creases. They are so tiny in mommy’s hand!  And I love that Baby C would sneak in those sweet newborn smiles every now and then.  I love being able to capture them.

modern lifestyle newborn photography

 Baby C slept most of his session and I’m so happy that he decided to wake up for a little bit and check out what was going on.  If he didn’t, I would have never seen how beautiful his eyes are.  They are stunning… especially in the light.

awake newborn baby boy with beautiful blue eyes

 Thank you V family for welcoming me into your home to photograph your beautiful son. It was an honor to meet your family and spend the afternoon with you! 

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Sarah Bruce

Brian and Jen, Colt is gorgeous. What a sweet baby boy. These pictures are awesome.

Celeste Augeri

Awesome pictures!!!!!!!!!!! Colton is one beautiful little boy. My most favorite one is with the hat on. Colton should be on a greeting card to welcome all new babies into the world. Can’t wait to meet this little man.

Sooooooooooooooooooo cute! I love it love it love it! You are awesome!

Wendy Jennings

He is adorable! Beautiful pictures!

Tiffany Gettner

I love them all. Colton is a little cutie for sure. I love the pic with the little snow bunny hat =) Congrats Brian and Jen!

Stephanie Brienza

These pictures are beautiful! My love to you all!! My favorite is the last one, gorgeous blue eyes with the blue and white swaddle. :)


Oh Jen he is beautiful!! Gorgeous photos…I keep changing my mind on which one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing :-)

Colt is so adorable! And his eyes are beautiful…all I can say is WOW…Great pictures! Can’t wait to meet him.


great photos, especially with the one with the woolen cap. It would make a great calendar photo. His first gig!!

Kelly Morris

Baby Colt is beautiful and these pics are so incredible, can’t wait to meet Colt!

Sara Arnold

Baby Colt is adorable! I especially love the first three photos of him sleeping. He is just so precious! Great photos!

Sue Craig

Absolutely adorable pictures of Colton. Such a beautiful baby.

kelly vandivort

love them all! heis sohandsome. can’t wait to meet him!

Amy Yune

Colt is such a handsome little guy! What beautiful pictures! He is very photogenic!!

Terry Tutton Eyster

They are all beautiful!! The perfect model! he is so sweet. Tanner and Kristian love the Bright Eyed Man all bundled up! Get them all!!!!

Your pictures have captured the love which surrounds baby C and the pure light which radiates from within. It’s quite evident that you connect with the children and infants you photograph.

Mayra Engel

Your photographs are special; they really capture the very essence of babies and children! And the picture of Colton is especially adorable!

Cindy – these are perfection!! What a beautiful baby!

Angela Casciano

He is beautiful! The pictures are so sweet and the last picture with his eyes open was so precious! Congrats!!!

Kari Kimball

Awesome pics!! Wish I had these of my kids when they were little

Ali Koodrich

Talent, indeed! What absolutely perfect photos of a breathtaking baby. Gorgeous!

vanessa cole

are you kidding me!! those are the cutest pics i’ve ever seen:)

Annie Johnston

He’s gorgeous Brian…. So happy for you!!!

karen meyerowitz

oh my goodness he is just so precious words can t describe how his taita feels right now. unbelievable!! he is so precious i want to hold him and give him a big kiss i miss him soooo much. he is just so gorgeous.
great job cindy you captured the most beautiful baby ever, my grandson


Words can’t describe how beautiful these pics are!! I am dying to hold him!! XOXO

Cindy, these images are so beautiful! What a sweet little baby!

These pics are absolutely gorgeous(just like Baby C)!!!I was wondering if they could recommend someone here in NY? I love the pics and would like to do it for my newborn!!!!!!


Claudia Van Holt

What a perfect LiL’ Man is Baby C! And your pictures capture his innocence and strength. These are absolutely beautiful; a fantastic capture of a little soul.


what beautiful pics of colt! he is just as adorable in person! love it! :)

Danielle Meyerowitz

Hes absolutely gorgeous!! The pictures look amazing and I cant wait to meet him!! Hes so precious!!

Renee K

He is perfect! I am so happy for you guys! xoxox

Erin Clark

Jen and Brian
Coltin is a leaving doll :) Those eyes are amazing
what a gift from god..Pictures are amazing


Colton is just amazing. From one photographer to another, your work is brilliant. Thank you! xoxo


These pictures are stunning and really capture the magic of this beautiful gift!

Jo Ann Koodrich

I loved reading all the comments, and I agree, these photographs are beautiful! Cindy, you were able to capture how very precious Colton is. The pictures are some of the best I have ever seen, Brian and Jen, Colton is soooooooooooo cute. I love him without ever having met him.

Katie Lindquist

He is too precious for words. And those pictures are absolutely AMAZING! Congrats to “the V family” and “Baby C”!


What a gift from God! Beautiful photos…..artistry!

Oh these are just so amazing! What a precious little angel Colt is…I’m so happy for you Jen and Brian! xo

Chris Rilling

What a beautiful little boy. Unbelievable shots. I love the one in the hat. We can not wait to meet him.

Sandra Long

Jen & Brian, your baby boy is just yummy! What gorgeous photos that you will always treasure! :)

Kim Plankl

He is gorgeous and the pictures are too cute for words!!!!


He is so precious, God has really blessed the Van Holt family.

Gretchen Long

Oh Colt you are an angel! I am in LOVE with these photos! Kudos to the photographer, you are great! Mommy & Daddy should be so proud of their beautiful baby boy! xoxo


These pictures are beautiful!

Robert Augeri

Wish we had pictures of our little one like these Colton is adorable, can’t wait to meet him

Kathi Augeri

Oh my goodness our little nephew is the most beautiful little boy!! we can’t wait to meet him. These pictures belong in a magazine. soooooooooooooooooo adorable. thanks for sharing

Tracy Van Holt

You did a awesome job ! I’m sure it helps that you had such a handsome little guy !


Oh my goodness! These pictures are AMAZING and he is so precious!!

David Hoskins

Awesome pictures. I can tell by the narratives that you really love making images of babies. I can only imagine how hard it must be to make images this personal and beautiful. I still can’t tell if he looks like Mom or Dad. Did you count his toes?

Rachel Van Holt

My beautiful nephew Colton. These pictures are amazing and I can’t wait to use Cindy when my baby Aubrey arrives this month.

Sally Mancini

Another B – U – tiful Van Holt baby to enjoy!! Really precious.

andrea van holt



I just had a visit with this precious baby and you have captured him perfectly with these photos. He is a living doll. This is the second newborn work of yours that I have seen. Love them both. Thanks for doing something so special.

Lynne Van Holt

These beautiful pictures of our grandson capture the wonder of his new life. Each photograph celebrates the special uniqueness and love we feel for Colton! Thank you so much… you have a very special talent.

Jennifer Van Holt

Oh, my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cindy, AMAZING! It brought tears to my eyes. You captured the essence of our baby boy! We couldn’t be happier with how the images turned out. Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. Still in awe:)

images: perfect, skin tones: perfect, positioning: perfect, BABY: PERFECT.

What a gorgeous baby. These are beautiful images that mom and dad are sure to treasure for years to come. I wish I had pictures like these of my kids when they were little!

Cindy…these are beautiful!!!! The first image needs to blown up huge!!! Awesome job!!!

ahhh, the foot and hand one is perfect. I love the first one too! WOW, those baby blues are beautiful. Great work Cindy!

This little guy is so peaceful and sweet. I love the gorgeous lighting, and creative shots. Even though he came early, I’m so glad mommy got moving and had you photograph him. What a treasure to have!

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