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Spending time with a newborn baby is such a wonderful thing.  Their newness to the world, their tiny yawns, their contentment being swaddled and held and loved are just a few of the little things I look forward to capturing during a newborn session.  I just wish their was a way to capture that sweet baby smell!

  This tiny joy was just 11 days old when we met over the weekend and he is as perfect as can be.


newborn boy with a cute knit hat

newborn baby smiling wearing a cute stocking cap

The star of our session is actually a little brother so we had to be sure to include big brother in on the session too.  I already know that little D and his big brother are going to have fun growing up together.  First they decided to make faces at me.  Pirates?  Arggggghh!

funny faces between siblings

Then I asked them to make happy faces…. and they BOTH did!

captured a moment with big brother and newborn little brother

**sigh**  I love my job!

Thank you F family for allowing me to spend the afternoon photographing your beautiful family. 
Congratulations again on the addition of sweet little D.  Can’t wait to show you the rest of the images!  

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Betty Lee

From Auntie Betty ~ Gee! I’m only almost a month late, but I’m sooooo happy that I was finally able to get to my emails to open such beautiful pictures of adorable boys!!! Cindy is amazing to capture the little guys in perfect poses!

melanie, frank, ryan, bryce, haley do

getting two little guys to smile and do a pirate face at the same time…priceless photos. congrats to the family

I can’t believe how cute these are!!!!!!! You rock.


True angels!!! Loved the pixs with the brothers together! A beautiful family. You are so blessed!!!

Lysa, Mike and Matthew

your boys are adorable! congratulations! we miss you on fun fridays!


so adorable!!!!!!! they look exactly alike!!!!!!!! way to go guys!!!!!!!


These little guys are just adorable, what wonderful photos to have forever.

So perfect and precious! Staci and Charles you make beautiful little boys! xox

Auntie Lauren K.

I absolutely love the last one where Caden & Dylan are smiling! How cute is that! I guess I’m #25! Yay!

Grant #24

I’ll take spot #24 since this is Kobe’s jersey #. Really great pictures! The last 2 are hilarious. Great job!

It's cuz'n ABBY from Honolulu!!

Cindy, great job and bless u for capturing those 2 beautiful faces of Caden and Dylan!!! Let Stac n Charles know, they did it again, they made another beautiful baby!!! Thank u for creating such a perfect moment!! Gonna show Ma and Lexi these pixs and I’ll have them blog in too!! I’m #23!! Aloha!!


Awesome pictures! Baby D is so precious! My favorite is the last one where the boys are smiling – that’s pretty amazing that you could get an 11-day old to smile on cue! Priceless!!


Many thanks for sharing the photos of my two precious grandsons! DJ and Cadensky look so much alike!


Oh my gosh!! you’re boys are amazing! I could not not stop smiling! God Bless you all. Thanks Pat for Sharing your beautiful family….You are so special.

Jennifer N

oh i just love that last image, how perfect to have them both smiling and it shows the bond they have and will have in the future. I bet that is going on a huge canvas in their homes!


<3 them- great job Cindy!

CINDY….I love these…OH MY GOSH…the pirate face and the smile is JUST priceless! The BW is perfect…I hope it’s huge in there home! Awesome job Cindy!


I was going to wait until the 24th person wrote so that I could say I was the one that got you a free picture, but I decided I might forget.
Anyhoo, great pictures, and they are both adorable!
Can’t wait to see D again and take C for a bike ride! Of course, wearing helmets!


So adorable! :)

Karen Kanamori

ooooooo! Soooo cute!

Jeff So

Love the dual pirate and smile faces! Congrats F family!

Jill Kikawa

LOVE the pictures! So precious :)


These are amazing photos!!! I love them all!

Pat Sakaida

Love ALL the pictures!! Beautiful models!


My two great-nephews! They are so adorable!


I love these pictures!!! Great job. Dylan is beautiful! Can’t wait to meet him!


OMG! OMG! OMG! The pictures are AMAZING!!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of D on the white furry carpet and the one with the boys smiling!!


These pictures are amazing! They’re so cute together and I love that hat. The pirate face is by far my favorite.

Shannon C

So adorable! You caught some exceptional moments from D and his Big Brother. They are both so cute!!


As always Cindy you captured perfect moments! I love the photos! Looks like C & D are both going to have the same playful personality!

Ahhh the sweetness! I love that they both smiled at you!! Awesome! And the hat the the third one!?! I MUST know where you got it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

They are all so precious, but that last one makes me smile.

those “faces” pictures are my kind of photo!! and its so cute that they did them for you! lovely pictures Cindy…i miss the newborn days.

Beautiful Cindy – and oh my – those images of the two together are PRICELESS!!! You are amazing Cindy!

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