because they grow so fast | orange county child photographer

I love when I get to photograph families again… it’s like catching up with old friends and I’m always amazed to see how much the kids have grown.   Kids grow so fast!  Take this little guy for example, I’ve photographed him twice before…
once in his mommy’s tummy for her maternity photos and as a newborn a wee 7 days old.
Here is his now, 6 months later!  

sweet smiling baby in the park

dad with his boy, black and white

Snuggles with mommy…  moments like this are what make life so sweet.

real moment with mother and son

And his big sister’s beautiful face has graced my blog as well.  The linked photo wasn’t even taken a year ago and she looks so much more like a little girl now.

little girl backlit in the park

fun and happy little girl sliding at the park

 Thanks again G family.  I enjoyed spending a beautiful afternoon with your sweet family.
Enjoy the sneek peek.  Can’t wait to show your gallery!

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What a sweet little boy and precious little girl. I love the picture of her amongst the trees!


Lovely pictures. Like them all. Your kids grows so much.


I am pretty sure you have your 25 comments. Wonderfulphotos of beautiful children. You are very lucky.

Hope to see you & family soon,


Nice pictures! Looks like you!!!


Nice pictures!! Kai is so big already and Luna too! Where is Choco in the picture?

Russ Ford

Hector & Miwa, those two are really special children. They both are so photogenic. They must take after their mother… :)

Cindy Ha

Watching those adorable expressions puts a smile on my face. The photographer captured their personalities so well…esp Luna’s…so cute..thx for sharing!

These are so sweet Cindy!!! I love them all, but the baby kissing his mommy melts my heart!

ahh, how sweet this session is! so cute. love the picture of the nuzzling! love the emotion you captured!

piper kinney

beautiful Cindy…your work is so amazing!


Love seeing beautiful pics of the kids getting so big.


Aww, Kai and Luna are so cute!


Hontoni yoku toretete minna kawaii—-!!!suteki family dana-?

Rebecca M

Love the little sprout Kai and big sister Luna! Awesome photos!

Amber Ficht

Very cute pictures! So fun to see see Kai getting so big!

Christina M

Such beautiful kids… and beautiful pics Cindy! Love the pic of son and mom snuggling.


Nice pictuers & nice FAMILY. By shena’s father.


Kai kun & runa chan are so CUTE!!!!! Very nice Pictures!


Very nice!!!

Darling! I adore the one with mom & baby snuggling. Magical session.


VERY CUTE!!!!!!!! Wow, Kai is getting big boy:):) Looks like you two are enjoying raising family!!!!

Tonya Shen

Fabulous pictures! Sweetest and happiest moment be captured!


miwa and hecter`s babies are just so cute. and i love theri pix!!! u guys rock!

Monique Henningield

Such wonderful pictures!! Super cute! The colors are so vibrant!! :)

Jenny Wilson

What fantastic pictures!

Karen Johnson

Love all the photos! Luna is growing up so fast!

Cynthia Bolick

The pictures of them are soo cute! Love all of them color or black and white. Great photos!


Beautiful kids and great pictures to capture their priceless expression! My how much the kids have grown! Time flies!!

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