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I am happy to say that this cute little puppy belongs to my family!  Say hi to Bella. 

shiranian shih-tzu pomeraian puppy photographer

Bella is a Shih-Pom (or “shiranian” which is a Shih-Tzu/Pomeranian mix).  We fell in love with her when we saw her and were surprised that she was still available a month later.  It was meant to be!   I picked out her name even before my husband and I agreed that we would take her home.  If you ask my kids, she is named after the puppy on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – which is actually quite appropriate because that Bella is a little white puppy with orange spots.  However, if you ask me, she is named after Bella Swan, from the Twilight saga.  Love me some Twilight!

I’m a little late in blogging these pictures.  I did this little session with our newest family member last month, soon after we brought her home.  She has quickly become a source of happiness for all of us and it’s nice to have her around.  She is so excited to see us when we come home, is super playful (fetch is a favorite already) and she loves to snuggle with the kids.  She definitely has her share of puppy moments… like unrolling a roll of toilet paper down the hallway and then shredding it into a 1000 tiny pieces.  I recently discovered that she likes to drink water out of my 4 year old’s Polly Pocket swimming pool, which I guess is a lot better than the alternative… finding her drinking out of the toilet!

 More photos of  Bella.

shiranian, shih-pom

I’ll end with Bella in two of her favorite activities.. playing with her huge Target beach ball and playing tug of war with the kids clothes (we are working on putting an end to that). 
Apparently, Miss C doesn’t mind.

fun photo session of a little girl and her new puppy

I’m a believer that pets are part of the family too so if you have a pet that you’d like to include in your next photo session,
I’d love to talk with you about it!

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Oh my gosh, cuteness overload. How can anything be that cute? Didn’t know it was possible. I love it though:)

Bella is sooo cute. I have a puppy also but I’m not sure what’s her other breed (all I know she’s a Shih tzu mixed). I’m guessing she’s a shihpom also. Her name is Zara. She looks a little like Bella also.
And oh, I love the Twilight Saga too! =)

She is ADORABLE! I have a Shiranian myself, and she’s a doll. :)

aw, so cute! my kids want a puppy so bad!

great shots and adorable puppy!!! Dogs are so good for kids! Congratulations on the new family addition :)

Awesome stuff Cindy, love the shots!!! Such a cute doggie!!!

I love the two pics of Bella going “awww”, not as in “awww” how cute. but you know…”oooaaa”. i know you know, I just can’t spell it phonetically. ha ha. She is so cute. I wish I had a Cullen to have Bella play with, but she’ll have to settle to play with Bijou next time!

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