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Week three of project 52 (I know, I am a week behind… I’ll be doubling up next week for sure to get caught up) was our first assignment, to “shoot from the hip”.  Shooting from the hip is when you take pictures without looking through the viewfinder of your camera or at an LCD screen.  You just aim in the right direction and click the shutter.  It’s not that easy, but so much fun because it gives you the freedom to interact with your subject, without being hidden behind the camera. 

My kids are at a stage (actually, they’ve been at this stage for awhile so I am hoping they get over it soon) where they don’t like having their pictures taken.  You would think that having a mom as a photographer, they would love it, but that is so not the case these days.  Every now and then, I can get them to cooperate, but I often end up with not so natural “say cheese” smiles.  Their real smiles are so much cuter!  When I practiced this week’s assignment on them, it was great because they didn’t realize that they were actually having their picture taken!

I had a hard time deciding which one to post so I’m posting a few… Jump! 

Cindy Chen Photography | Project 52

And two of my two having fun together (although I think he might be pulling her hair because she tackled him).
At least they are both still laughing, right?

Cindy Chen Photography | Project 52

Cindy Chen Photography | Project 52

 Tomorrow, I will be posting information about some very special sessions that I will be offering that support a very worthy cause. Come back tomorrow to find out all about it.

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Cindy, these are such real, honest photos. I love how shooting from the hip can really capture the kids how they are in everyday life. Love the perspective on these too!

jamie k

i love that shirt of girl C’s…Old Navy?
and that second one of both them…that shows true emotion. love it.

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