37 weeks | orange county maternity photographer

A very warm January morning in Southern California… the perfect day to be at the beach!
Here is a little sneak peek from my latest session… a maternity session with good friends, Jamie and Mike,
who are expecting their first baby!  We started off at the beach in San Clemente.

When we headed for higher ground, we found a cute little hillside for some solo shots of mom-to-be. 
Here is one of my favorites.

I like to think that baby worked with me on this next shot.  Right on cue, he (or she!) decided to give mom and dad a big nudge and I was able to capture this sweet moment between the three of them.

Here are a few more favorites from the session.  Guess my little sneak peek isn’t going to be so little.:)


Thanks Mike and Jamie for spending your Saturday morning with me.  I can’t wait to meet your little one and I am looking forward to your newborn session!  It’ll be here before we know it!

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Cindy, these are totally gorgeous…LOVE THEM as I am sure she does!! Fabulous my dear!


Beautiful pictures! That’s gonna be one gorgeous baby! :)

oh these are so beautiful, what abeautiful mom to be and I love her clothing choices, the vibrant colors are awesome!


Love the 2nd and 3rd shots!

Karrie & Lance Ewing

Congratulations Mike and Jamie! Beautiful Pics that shows a lot of love/happiness. Not many people have pictures like these, I hope you make a small scrapbook and give to your child when their older to keep to share the memories! Happy for BOTH of you.


Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! You can really feel love and the happiness in each and every shot. Jamie, you’re absolutely glowing! Give this lady 2 free prints!!

Mary Wong

Love the shot where they’re both looking at Jamies tummy! Such a special time. Can’t wait to see more! Congratulations!


Beautiful pictures Cindy…You totally captured Jamie glow!
Congratulations jamie and Mike!

I love these, great beach shots. Great job!

I. Love. every. single. one.

what an adorable couple!!

Awww…so nice! Jamie and Mike are lucky to have you as a friend to take such awesome photos of them! I can’t wait for newborn pics too!

oh my gosh, they are sooo cute! i am so happy for them!!! :)

Cindy, the pink shirt pic – baby kicking – is such a PERFECT picture. Wow and what a beautiful couple. What a special time for this family. They must be so happy to have these gorgeous pics. Great work!!! Beautiful colors!!!


Wow! Nice shots!!!

Mike’s calves makes you look like you’re like 2 months pregnant or something…HAHAHAHHAH

Linh Tam

Amazing pictures. You guys are so beautiful, you will make a happy family. Can I get a referral?

Hilarie & Shawn

YEAH!!! Any day now huh? Wonderful photos, Cindy Chen is very talented, she really captured the colors, full color saturations and the ‘fun’ style that you and Mike have. Congratulations and can’t wait to find out if it’s a little boy or a girl!


i love them ALL!! the last one is my absolute favorite!! give her a free print!!

May Foo

You look great Jamie!

Wai Yee Chan

I loved the black and white photo and the one with you two leaning on the palm tree. You’re a stylish mama.

Candace Chin-((sis-in-law from up north))

oh my god! Tears to my eyes too! You guys look great! The photographs are great!!! You two look so good(and baby too.) I need some pics of you guys at my house. This would be perfect!
Miss Cindy Chen, I don’t know you but, you take some kick ass photos! Pardon mon francais. I just wanted to express my thoughts. ALL OF THEM LOOK GOOD. Can you take some of me? When I am ready, that is….

Oh, these photos are so beautiful! I got a little teary -eyed at the baby kicking you one. Oh, wow. And, I think this might make 25 comments!


YAY!!!! Mike and Jamie look Fabulous!!!! Congratulations!!!
Timmie & I will be calling you up when it’s our turn…but not for a while. =)

Gorgeous work dear! Love them!

Jennifer N

Free print! Free print! Free print. I am already a fan of your work, so you know I love these sneak peeks. Jamie and Mike must be so happy!Can’t wait to see the newborn session.

Alex Hardy

What wonderful photos!
Jaime + Mike are fabulous people!

lila ko

great job cindy. wish you were around when i was pregnant with jamie.

These are so fun! I ADORE her polka dot dress. So cute! Congrats to a beautiful cople.

Brian Lance

Beautiful photos! You look great Jamie!

tricia dunlap

these are incredibly beautiful!!

Robin Pacheco

My goodness. You two make taking pictures look so easy. You are both so beautiful. I am hoping Cindy and work her magic for Trevor and I. My mom and I both decided it would be worth the trip for a photo shoot. I can’t wait to see the baby pics!

sarah tran

Jamie! These pictures are toooo cute!. Kinda wish i took those pix too:) that polka dress was picture perfect!

Gorgeous pictures. Fresh, fun, and the color is just perfect!

they are such a beautiful couple… and you a great photographer. great match!


Great pics!!! Can’t wait to see the rest…

PS does your dad know you are cheating on him with another photographer :) JK

Beautiful pictures!


yay free print for jamie!
those look great!


absolutely beautiful. jamie, you and your husband look so happy!!


What a beautiful couple!

Cindy, your images are gorgeous.
You captured the parents-to-be’s excitement & wonder.

I can’t wait to see what the baby of this beautiful couple looks like!


I love the polka dot dress and all of the pictures are so cute! They look so excited.

Those are wonderful pictures! I love how in each picture they look so happy and excited for this baby to arrive. I am very excited for you Jamie and Mike!

Great job Cindy! Love the one of them on the bench. What a cute preggo mommy!

Congrats Jamie and Mike! Cute pics…Cindy, too bad you are in the SoCal area. And too far for me!

Robert H. Chan

Great subjects… They looked like they were enjoying the session.

Kimmy Ngo

I love the pictures! Makes me want to take some pictures of our little one.

I don’t know if my comment will count, but you brought tears to my eyes with these pictures. You made us look so pretty! I swear, almost as good as our wedding day…for real.

Cindy, you’ve got some major talent on your hands. I absolutely love what I see and can’t wait to see the rest!


Love the pictures! Makes me want to take pics all over again! Cindy really captured Jamie’s glow =)

these are great! i love her dress!!

Sweet! I love the interaction of them both watching her belly – and who is that hot preggo mommy on your header? ;)


Love this sneak peeks! Jamie, Mike & lil one look wonderful!! Lovely shots for a great family! =)

Albert Lin

Great picts, Cindy! Congrats to Mike and Jamie!!

So cute! I wish I had looked that good during my pregnancies. LOVE the one on the life guard stand…

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